Ustica, considered “the black pearl of the Mediterranean sea”, is situated at 36 sea miles at north-west from Palermo.

With a surface of just 8,5 square kilometres, the island is the ideal destination for un unforgettable holiday of relax in the rhythms of the nature.

Her untouched depths represent a paradise for all scuba divers and they are protected by the Nautical Reserve, which organises several escorted tours and activities too: such excursions on boats around the clear depths.

The unbelievable beauty of the submarine environment  is the ideal place for all diving’s lovers. Unique colours, charming ramifications of corals, madrepores and sponges and crystal clear waters, which hides ancient relicts and archeological finds, will be a very suggestive theatre for your immersions.

At sunset relaxing walks discovering the rising out treasures of the island and delicious dinners  rigorously with fresh fish.

For informations and bookings: +39 340 565 23 80